Training in California!

Training in California!



There is no question that triathlon training in California is as near perfect as it can possibly be.  Rolling hills, flat straight aways for interval work, ocean swims (brrrr!) and warm but not too hot conditions….wow, how lucky am I to now live in one of the best places in the world …..certainly easy to Live Life To the Fullest here !

This week marks the start of my official Ironman Arizona training program….only 20 weeks to go! Yikes…seems like a long way away but it will be here before you know it.  I’m excited to be training and racing with fellow Ironheart Racing Team members   .

I’m also excited to report that we have reached our first fund raising goal of $20,000  – this is for the initial funding required to complete the filming of my documentary “Heart: Flatline To Finish Line”

If you haven’t already seen our trailer for the documentary please take a look and also visit our fund-raising site…every penny will count as we scrape together the funds needed to complete the documentary, produce and edit it and then distribute it.  We hope to change the way the world views cardiac issues , we hope to help detect, prevent and cure them….because Cardiac disease takes more lives than all forms of cancer, respiratory disease, diabetes and accidents combined.

Thank you for your support, Happy July 4th to everyone and remember to Live every second of every day to the fullest!