Tempe, AZ , here I come again!!

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I completed my first ever Ironman triathlon event in Tempe, Arizona.

Well I’m excited to say that I will be retunprning to the event next weekend to cheer and support the 2500 athletes that will race this incredible event.

Also I will be signing up for the 2012 race , my second Ironman…..very exciting! The sign up will also mark the start of the filming for our documentary….a feature film following the lives and training of 6 athletes, all whom have had open heart surgery at sone point and now who Live life to it’s fullest…I am one of those athletes and look forward to sharing my 2012 journey with you all. Watch this space for more information as we begin the road to more dreams….and continue to Live Life to the full