Speaking Engagements

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Ellen Charnley


At our annual managers sales summit in Las Vegas -Ellen Charnley inspired us all with her unbridled determination and faith-we were honored to hear her speak.Michael S.

Ellen’s story serves as a powerful reminder that if you envision yourself achieving a goal and you commit to taking small steps each day toward overcoming any obstacles in your way, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to accomplish anything you set out to achieve. When we invited Ellen to speak with a group of our senior employees, they all left inspired to dust off their “bucket lists” and start achieving their goals!Rick J., New York – New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Listening to Ellen speak is a clear reminder of the tenacity that she not only embraces, but instills in her listeners. Ellen’s drive and enthusiasm are contagious- something those around her are very fortunate to be a part of. Her sincere effort to encourage others is inspiring and can help anyone to consider how to overcome obstacles in their own life. I am also most impressed by the hospitality approach that Cleveland Clinic demonstrates and is evident in Ellen’s book.Cynthia Kiser Murphey, President & COO, New York-New York Hotel & Casino