Ironman Wisconsin, Training Camp and IMAZ 2012

I’m currently in Madison, WI. 

Think this is the first time I’ve ever been to WI….very pretty, but hot and hilly today!
I’,m riding with some triathletes from Endurance Nation (over 100 of us) this weekend as part of a training camp and it’s fun!  Today we rode the course…and I’ll say it again….HOT AND HILLY!

Kind of glad I’m not signed up for this Ironman frankly!

Looks like I will be doing IMAZ again though in 2012, along with some other IRONHEART RACING team members – what a great story that will be…so much so that I heard there will be a documentary film made about us….how cool will that be!  Definitely still Living Life to the Full…  🙂

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