Happy New Year ! Welcome 2017

I have a pretty good excuse for my utter lack of blog posting for several YEARS!….I’ve been living life to the fullest in every possible way! This photo was taken from a fabulous short break to Mexico in November! Don and I moved back to Las Vegas in May 2015 and have never been happier – we consider this ‘home’ and hope very much to stay put once and for all! I continue to be active although I think my triathlon days may officially have moved into retirement! I still love to ride my bicycle and run but i’ve enjoyed branching out into other fitness challenges such as Tough Mudder and more recently Orange Theory – check it out if you haven’t heard about it – it’s an amazing workout!

I’m excited about 2017, we are hiking and biking in Argentina in the Spring (along with wine tasting in Mendoza!), we have fitness, health and work items on our bucket list and hope to tick them all off.

I hope your 2017 brings you much happiness and excitement and that you continue to live your lives to the fullest!