Ellen Charnley featured in 3/GO Magazine !

For those of you who have not yet heard there is a new Triathlon Magazine out called 3/Go Magazine – what a cool title!  It’s a punchy mag hitting the right topics and providing something that’s missing from other Triathlon magazines that are out there.  The articles are original (no more “beat the heat” articles thank goodness!) and poignant.  I love it!  This is the second magazine from Movepress and June 7th they will launch their second edition (June/July).   Check out their website and sign up!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY in this new edition, check out Page 16 – my story right there for you to read.  The article is written by Matt Lieto based on my interview and they focused very nicely on how Triathlon saved my life and how returning to competition after heart surgery is not an impossible dream.   Even more cool is that the on-line version has a link to my website! 

Click here to view my website www.ellenliveslifetothefull.com 

Simply JACKPOT,  thank you 3/Go  – and good luck with the magazine, it’s awesome!