Las Vegas Half Marathon report


What a fun time we had!  It was such fun running up and down the strip at night ….lights flashing, rock bands playing,  we really had a blast.  There were at least 15 peeps representing Ironheart racing shirts…bright orange – awesome!!   Weather was a perfect mid 40s…to some that may seem cold but it was […]

Ahhh…..Aloha !!


Back in Hawaii for a few days of both fun and work…spending time with best friends, swimming with the Honus and running in the mountains…life is sweet. Tried to see the sunrise this morning (jetlag!) but Diamond head gotin the way 🙂Off to Lanai today for a fewdays of R&R and LIVING LIFE TO THE […]

Ironman Arizona 2012: I’m in !!!

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Well what a fabulous weekend we just had in Tempe, Arizona, watching the 2011 Arizona Ironman.  I can’t believe that a year has passed since I raced in 2010, just 8 months after having open heart surgery….. And….one year from now,  I’ll be attempting to do it all over again (well not the open heart […]

Tempe, AZ , here I come again!!


It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I completed my first ever Ironman triathlon event in Tempe, Arizona. Well I’m excited to say that I will be retunprning to the event next weekend to cheer and support the 2500 athletes that will race this incredible event. Also I will be signing up […]

Chicago Marathon


It was HOT HOT HOT…..note to self….NEVER enter a race that is in the 70s-80s….. I was able to run my target pace for the first 21 miles then the the heat just engulfed my muscles and they started to slowly cook….by mile 25 I had to walk a few steps….but was able to finish […]

Some photos from the Chicago Triathlon


Hi everyone,Here are some photos from the Chicago Triathlon a few weeks ago – enjoy!Only 2 weeks to go before the Chicago Marathon,  my training is going well, but my performance is very affected by the weather  – if it’s hot and humid there will be no “Charnley World Records”  (for those of you who […]

Chicago Triathlon – what a blast


So on Sunday, I did my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in years….wow what fun that was! And the great thing was that it was over pretty quickly so I only pushed that pain barrier for 2.hours and 42 mins!  I had a great race, finished 6th out of 100+ in my age group and 36th […]

Chicago Triathlon – Here I come


An Olympic Distance??!!!  Well, I haven’t done one of those for a number of years but I am planning to give it a go at the end of the month.  The Chicago Triathlon is the largest Olympic Distance triathlon in the US (I think – don’t quote me!).  The last Olympic distance I did was […]