Amazon Rankings!

I’ve been learning about how Amazon ranks their books.  It turns out that I’m not the only author who scans the Amazon rankings each day and experiences that thrill as I watch my rankings increase!  At one point recently (29th May!),  by book “Living Life to the Full: My Ironman Journey” was ranked number 1 by Amazon’s in their “Hot New Releases in Triathlons”  – I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that!….so to answer the question that many of you have asked recently,  the answer is “YES!” my book sales are awesome!     My husband (Don) was so impressed that he quickly saved a screen shot of the #1 ranking, so one day when you make it big, we’ll remember where it all started!   LOL!

Currently as of June 4th my ranking is 4th in Hot new triathlon releases – if you want to become as obsessed as me then click here to see the rankings!

One thing I haven’t really figured out yet is how to tag my book or place it into other categories.  My book is more than just about Triathlon.  It’s an inspirational read for anyone facing a set back and wishing to achieve greatness, perhaps returning to competition after an injury even, or looking for motivation to train or simply exercise again after heart surgery.

Here is a link to an interesting read about Amazon book rankings.  Looks like there are some sharks out there manipulating the rankings too!

An Amazon spokeswoman essentially confirms his hunch when she says, “We base rankings on all-time sales, as well as recent sales that are weighted more heavily than older sales, so that our lists are timely and aren’t always dominated by all-time best-sellers like Harry Potter.”