I have a pretty good excuse for my utter lack of blog posting for several YEARS!….I’ve been living life to the fullest in every possible way! This photo was taken from a fabulous short break to Mexico in November! Don and I moved back to Las Vegas in May 2015 and have never been happier – we consider this ‘home’ and hope very much to stay put once and for all! I continue to be active although I think my triathlon days may officially have moved into retirement! I still love to ride my bicycle and run but i’ve enjoyed branching out into other fitness challenges such as Tough Mudder and more recently Orange Theory – check it out if you haven’t heard about it – it’s an amazing workout!

I’m excited about 2017, we are hiking and biking in Argentina in the Spring (along with wine tasting in Mendoza!), we have fitness, health and work items on our bucket list and hope to tick them all off.

I hope your 2017 brings you much happiness and excitement and that you continue to live your lives to the fullest!

What a year it was!!

Well,  you won’t believe this but I lost my log on details to my Blog!  Hence my radio silence for 6 months….yes, unacceptable I know but if you add that to moving house AGAIN! (3rd time in 18 months thanks to my husband!) and training and racing for another Ironman  – then maybe I’ll be […]

Training in California!

Training in California!     There is no question that triathlon training in California is as near perfect as it can possibly be.  Rolling hills, flat straight aways for interval work, ocean swims (brrrr!) and warm but not too hot conditions….wow, how lucky am I to now live in one of the best places in […]

The wait is over!!

The wait is over!!  So much buzz and excitement today as we launch the official websites for our documentary movie. Heart: Flatline to Finish Line Please visit the site, donate and spread the word! THANK YOU!

Don’t miss this!

The wait is ALMOST over….the best announcement of all announcements will be tomorrow….you will not want to miss this!  :-))  

Loving Carmel

Well shame on me….I have to confess, it’s been 6 weeks since my last posting which is just not good enough!  I wish I was more technologically savvy but alas…I’m struggle to keep up I really do. Anyway,  guess what !  We’ve been in beautiful Carmel, CA for over two weeks now.  We are loving […]

March Maddness in Chicago

I’m not talking about Basketball (coz I’m British and not really into all that!) but what’s mad is the crazy weather we are having in Chicago!  It’s been in the 70’s all week and tomorrow marks my first outdoor ride in Chicago for 2012…..BRING IT ON!!   May the rain hold off until I’m done riding….pretty […]

January brings the snow…..

Makes your feet and fingers glow,February’s, Ice and Sleet, freeze the toes right off my feet!…..well that just about sums it up for the last two months in Chicago!……oh hang on, I did manage to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL in Venezuela with Don……! We just got back from a truly memorable trip hiking and […]

Happy New Year, 2012 here we come!

Well 2011 was a great year and a little less dramatic than 2010 thats for sure….! We sadly left Vegas and our beautiful home to follow our hearts and live life to the full in Chicago. What a fun city it is, we’ve already met some great friends and experienced some fun times. Who knows […]